Arranging an event?

Then a fireworks show is just for you.

Why buy a professional fireworks show?

Consumer fireworks compared to a professional show:

Consumer Fireworks

  • Only allowed around New Year's Eve
  • Effects at max. 30 mm in cakes
  • Powder weight can't exceed 75 g in rockets and 20 g pr. shot in cakes and candles
  • You spend time on planning and tidying up

Display fireworks

  • Allowed all year round
  • Effects at up to 200 mm
  • Powder weight at up to 3000 g pr. shot
  • We do all the planning and tidying up
  • We use our experience to compose a sublime show

Traditional Display Fireworks

Priser fra 6.499,- inkl. moms

The traditional display fireworks show is what it is called. Fireworks as you know them best. You get a good bang for the buck and you will definitely not be disappointed. Whether it is your parent's round birthday, your friend's wedding our your child's confirmation, fireworks is a winner. It ensures that an important day will never be forgotten.

Musical Fireworks

Priser fra 25.000 inkl. moms + eventuelle udgifter til leje af højtalere og andet afspilningsudstyr.

With fireworks to music, you decide which music the fireworks are composed over. Just tell us your wishes, and we will edit the music and plan the show for you.

We will bring all necessary equipment. There will be expenses for renting audio equipment. It is also possible to use your equipment if you have a setup that can be used outdoors. This is without further expenses.

As the first in Denmark, Nian Fireworks has the newest hit within the world of fireworks simulation software. The software allow us to lay out the firing positions in a 3D world so we can plan and watch the entire show back at the office. This ensures that we can deliver the best possible result tailored to your wishes and choice of music.

Daytime fireworks

Prices from 12,990.- incl. tax

As the first in Denmark, Nian Fireworks offers daytime fireworks! Yes, you heard me - fireworks in the daytime. Fireworks in daylight is a completely unique experience with intense colors and reports. We have a large collection of special fireworks where the bright burning stars are exchanged for smoke starts that form beautiful palms in the sky. These are complimented by crackling effects and salutes (firecrackers in the air). It's fireworks as you know it: bright neon colours and loud bangs, just during the daytime.

Having the possibility of shooting fireworks during the day opens up for a whole new world of possibilities for you as a customer. Are you planning an event that deserves one hell of an ending but ends before dark? Then daytime fireworks is just for you.

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