How do I order?

This is how the show is ordered

First conversation

  • You contact us via this site or through the phone with date, time, address and choice of show.
  • Together we decide on the firing position by use of aerial photos.
  • We discuss the options for the show at the given position and talk about custom wishes.

Before the show

  • We go to the firing position to see it physically.
  • We plan the show according to what is agreed.
  • Given the firing position is on private property, permission to use the area is asked for.
  • We apply for a permit to shoot through the local authorities.
  • Betaling forekommer senest på showdagen.

On the show day

  • We collect the fireworks from our storage facilities and transport them to the site according to the ADR Convention.
  • Vi ankommer med alt udstyr, ildslukningsmateriel og fyrværkeri typisk 4-6 timer før showstart, afhængig af showets størrelse.
  • We announce to you by phone that we have arrived.
  • We set bounds around the area and start setting up the show.
  • The show is started when you give the planned signal.
  • When the show is over, we tidy up the area and dispose of the garbage.

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